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 - UX/UI Designer, Front End and Back End Software Engineer, Blogger, and Realist

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About me

Few of my courses that I have passed in my Bachelors and Masters studies (note not all of the courses are listed below): Transactions and Database Performance , Workstations and Networks , Basics of Data Security , Multimedia and Web Design , Data Management and Database Systems , Programming (Java) , Software Development , Usability and User Interface , Business Information Management , ICT Architectures , ICT Study Project , Business Operations and Environment , Profitability and Performance in Business , Multicultural teamwork , Business Processes , Contracts and Justice , Communication and Presentation skills , Meetings and Negotiation Skills , Basic ICT Tools , Mathematics , English 1 , English 2 , IT Swedish , Database Design , Java EE , Software Project I , XML , .NET Software Development , Software Project III , Intranet and document management solutions Sharepoint , Hypermedia , Information Management Seminar , Building prototypes , Computing for SMEs , E-Commerce in SMEs , Orientation to Work Placement , SQL and relational databases , Introduction to Programming in C++ , Functional Programming , Thesis Workshop , Thesis Seminar , Intermediate Swedish , English level test , Business English , Cloud Services , Software QA and testing , Introduction to Economics , Toolkit for Quantitative Surveys , Management Information SYstem , Entrepreneurship , Lappeenranta University of Technology , Product Lifecycle Management , Principles of Technical Computing (Matlab computations) , Academic Writing in English Course 1 , Academic Writing in English Course 2 , Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing , Architecture in Systems and Software Development , Code Camp on Platform Based Application Development , Computational Engineering and Technical Physics: Low and High Frequency Inverse Imaging , Finnish 2 , Finnish 1 , Fundamentals of Information Systems , Gadget Code Camp: Hacking Technology , Game Development Project , Gamification: From Concepts to Implementations , Models and Methods of Software Engineering , Object Oriented Programming Techniques , Research Methods in Software Engineering , Research Project in Software Engineering , Seminar on Software Engineering , Software Business Development , Software Systems as a Service: Technology and Engineering , Sustainable Innovation by Design: A User Experience Perspective , Sustainable Systems Engineering , Technical English Reading Course , Work Internship and research in Masters Degree

Currently, I have a master’s degree from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) with a major in Computer Science/Software Engineering. Before my master studies in LUT, I was studying in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Degree Program in Business Information Technology), where my major was software engineering. Despite the fact that the degree name is “Business Administration”, it was purely programming and software development oriented, where the latest standards, guidelines, technologies, and practices were used. Originally, my country of birth is Iran (Teheran), but I have lived in Finland since 1991 and gone all of my schools/colleges in here. The Finnish education system is ranked as one the best of the world in terms of the quality of the courses and teaching. The used resources and technology is state of the art in the schools and universities, which is why everyone who has studied in Finland has the best tools provided for him or her for later success in life.

My first contact with real software engineering company case was in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences was with Tieto Finland Oy. The project lasted 6 months, where our work was to make and automatic period tax return system, which could calculate complex book keeping formulas and send this tax return form to the government system. The used data was in XML format and they were real company data. Also, I had another software project in Haaga-Helia with a real startup company, where the application was a financial portal and the purpose was to mainly create financial job opening application, where the applicants can be endorsed financial sectors/departments. My third experience in real-case company in the field of software development was in Spain, where I went for full-time internship and worked as an programmer and from time to time, kept the company servers running. I also have various technical skills that I acquired in server side management in CGI (Lisbon, Portugal). I am also proud to say that during my graduate studies, I have participated in 3 different research projects, which contributed to the existing knowledge in my university in the field of formal dependency management in complex environments, design and usability design in safety-critical environments, and development of prototypes for future cross-university study guide management. Few mentionable research projects and achievements have been listed below, but most of my course, research project, work placement and research history is listed in my CV or transcripts.
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